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About Baseball's Original Seed Sack

Our story is likely much like yours.  It starts on a Little League Ball Field watching our kids play this incredible game.  The late night games, the heat of high noon practices, the satisfaction of enjoying sunflower seeds is a participant of it all.  Ballplayers and parents have done their best to manage this nutritional habit stuffing seeds into their back pockets and carrying around oversized inconvenient bags of seeds.

Baseball’s Original Seed Sack was born out of this very simple necessity: managing our sunflower seed habit. We love sunflower seeds.  The whole experience is fun and provides great nutritional benefit.  It provides a healthy distraction to the anxiety of high-pressure baseball and softball as well as many situations. Sunflower seeds accompany us on the ball field, in the dugout, in the car, family picnics, fishing, hiking, road trips, skateboarding, surfing, the list goes on and on.  And not to mention it’s cool.

But managing the simple enjoyment of eating seeds is cumbersome and annoying.  The issues of seeds in our pockets, in the bottom of our athletic bags, in the washing machine, on the floor of the car, needed to be addressed.  And we did.

a baseball player holding the sunflower seed sack

We created a unique, single hand operated, seed pouch designed specifically to fit in your back pocket.  This design focused on the needs of baseball players on and off the field.  The easy to use squeeze mechanism allows for single hand operation so ballplayers don’t have to put down their mitt. They simply reach into their back pocket, grab the seed sack, dispense the seeds into their mouth, and return the seed sack to their pocket. 

Baseball’s Original Seed Sack is the solution and a great addition to your necessary equipment on whatever journey or adventure you undertake.

The Quality of Baseball’s Original Seed Sack

The Seed Sack is constructed of high quality, raw, 10 oz duck canvas that salutes the tradition of America’s Favorite Pastime.  We’ve included a high-quality bronze squeeze frame that adds to our unique look and feel and top-off the construction with a hand sewn authentic baseball stitch replicating the baseball.  Our old school logo was crafted with the history of this great game in mind. We screen print this logo to insure long lasting enjoyment.  In addition, we offer an awesome customization process that consists of color and shape patterns that fit your team or personal colors. Send us your team or tournament logo and we will print that on your custom Seed Sacks.  We allow you to be you and prohibits others from “grabbing your sack!”

Request Baseball’s Original Seed Sack at your tournament, camp, fundraiser or any event.  We will be able to provide specific customization for these requests.

baseball's original seed sack for little league