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Love the Product?

Want to Get the Word Out?

Seed Sack is now accepting affiliates that would like to sell our products and earn a commission!

Right now, we are offering a 10% on any sales you refer.


  • Get a customized link or coupon code to add to your website & social media profiles
  • Stat tracking dashboard tracks all sales made
  • Super easy partner to work with - we're very responsive and can answer any questions you have
  • Legendary customer service backs all of your referred customers

Get out there and start slingin' some sacks!



How to Promote Seed Sack - Super Easy!

You can feel extremely confident recommending Seed Sack, as we are famous for our 5-star customer service. Just read our Facebook reviews!

If you have a very engaged social media audience, Seed Sack can make you 10% on all sales you generate by offering your fans a coupon code or special link to purchase with.

Depending on the size of your audience, we may even send you a custom sack with your logo on it for free so you can demo the product!


YouTube Channel

We recommend creating a short clip expressing your love and passion for Seed Sack. This could be tacked on to the beginning or end of any of your videos.


Offer your audience a custom coupon code that will give you credit for the sale.


Add the coupon code or affiliate link to your "default uploads" on YouTube so it is always there and you never have to think about adding it.


If you have an engaged audience on any of these platforms, you can use your coupon code to create a visual promotion.

Mix these in every once in awhile to generate sales. Funny memes usually do the trick!

Physical Store Front

If you sell baseball or softball related items in a store, you have a few options.

1) Add your custom logo and buy Seed Sacks wholesale. Resell them in your store.

2) We'll send you a Seed Sack to display in store with your logo. When people ask about it, direct them to our website and ask them to use your coupon code so that you get credit.

There's one thing we can guarantee - your buyers will LOVE the product and we will do everything we can to customize their order and make them happy.