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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Seed Sack if You're a Ballplayer

1) Sunflower seeds are healthier than chewing tobacco

Baseball players are known to be fond of two habits in particular when strategizing in the dugout between innings - huge wads of dip, and an endless amount of sunflower seeds. One of these two is far healthier than the other - can you guess which one?

Little Leaguers, in particular, have plenty of reasons to emulate the pros, but when it comes to chew, it's far from a good idea. The Seed Sack is the perfect utility carrier to store sunflower seeds while you wait for your next at-bat. Dive head first into the dirt, and the Seed Sack will hold up. Can the traditional seed package even compare?


2) Quick and Easy

The beauty of the Seed Sack is that you can pull it out of your pocket, toss back some seeds, and then return it to your pocket while the pitcher is preparing for his next throw. With the standard seed bag, you'll be messing around trying to pull the package in and out of your pocket, losing half the seeds in the grass before you manage to get some in your mouth. If you have a glove on one hand, the other should have a Seed Sack when you down your seeds.


3) Lightning fast refills

If you keep a large quantity of seeds in the dugout, all you have to do is grab your sack and refill it on the spot. No need to find another bag or mess around with packaging between innings or at practice. Whenever you need to transition from the dugout to the outfield, all you need to do is make a quick pit stop.


4) Easily brandable

Bring the whole team together with the creative customization and logo options. You can customize it with each player's name, jersey number, or anything else that you think captures the spirit of the team. If you are the league commissioner, reward this year's winner with their own Seed Sack that has the league logo and perhaps the kingly title of "Champions!"


5) Seeds bring the team together

This video explains it all...


6) Perfect for the "all-out" player

There's always that one player on the team who slides head first no matter what, or hits the dirt shagging fly balls in the outfield on nearly every play. If this is you, you'll find that the Seed Sack's open and close mechanism will prevent your stash from spilling out in your pocket and all over the field. Feel free to get those pants dirty, because that's what baseball is all about.


7) Ideal for any outdoor sport or hobby

Many people who enjoy the outdoors have more than one hobby! This clever little device is so easily portable that you can take it with you on fishing and biking trips, a hike through the woods, or to the sidelines of any game you attend. It's the best solution for the active sunflower seed enthusiast!


8) Umpire friendly

The guy in blue often takes a lot of heat. He's battle hardened and doesn't take BS from anybody. He doesn't have time to put up with a sub-par product. He reaches in one pocket to click the strike counter, and the other to quickly access his seed stash. End of story.


9) Coaches love them

Except for the occasional face-to-face showdown with the Ump, the coach is often resigned to the dugout. Do you think he wants to deal with a new package of sunflower seeds every five minutes? The answer is no, and the Seed Sack provides that essential efficiency that every coach likes, 1-2-3. Not to mention it makes a great gift idea!


10) Made in the good oldUSA

Just like baseball, the Seed Sack is made in the USA! This product is designed with the spirit of baseball in mind - passion, toughness, and of course, fun! If you are looking for the next great dugout gadget, look no further than Baseball's Original Seed Sack.


Grab one for the whole team. Order today.

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