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Seed Sack - The Ultimate Softball Gift Idea for Players, Coaches, & End of Season Team Gifts

Seed Sack - The Ultimate Softball Gift Idea for Players, Coaches, & End of Season Team Gifts

Are you looking for a unique and fun gift for your softball team, coach, or fan?
Seed Sack makes the PERFECT softball gift idea because it's easy to use, well-made, and you can customize them with your name and number!

See How it Works

Seed Sack lets players take their sunflower seeds on the field without worrying about spilling them during athletic play.
Softball players enjoy eating seeds in the dugout, but many players also love eating their seeds on the field.
Until now, there hasn't been a great solution for this!
Let's find out why Seed Sack makes an amazing gift idea for softball players, coaches, and fans.

You Can Customize with a Player's Name and Number

When thinking about gift giving, many people like to choose something with a personal touch.
Seed Sack allows you to customize your product with the player's name, number, and team colors.
customized softball seed sack
This about how great it would be to get a Seed Sack for each member of the team, with their own name and number!
This is a great way to bring the team together, and works as a great gift from coaches, parents, or fans to players.

Softball Gift Idea for Coaches

Everyone remembers a great coach they had at some point in their life, but not everyone has rewarded coach for being great!

If your coach loves to eat sunflower seeds while patrolling the dugout, coaching first or third base, or arguing with the umpire, then they will love a Seed Sack!

Check out these fun examples (note - you can change it from "baseball to softball" when ordering):

coach softball seed sack


customized softball seed sack

Softball Gift Idea for Girls

We all know a special lady or team out there that loves to play softball and goes hard every day. For this reason, we have created custom softball themed Seed Sacks that display girl power:
play like a girl seed sack
play like a girl red seed sack
These special and unique items are perfect for the whole team!

Men's Softball Gift Idea

There are a lot of men out there that love to play softball with friends, at work, or just having fun at the local league.
Seed Sack is perfect for the guy who always has a mouth full of seeds during a game.

Gift Idea for Softball Team

Nothing brings a team together like a hard fought game. Reward everyone for a great end to the season with customized Seed Sacks the display your team's logo!

These are hugely popular and can be discounted if bought in bulk.

seed sack team sales

End of the Season Gift Idea

Many coaches or parents love to present a fun and unique item to each player at the end of the year.
Order your customized Seed Sacks or regular Seed Sacks in bulk to get a big discount.

Don't Forget Dad

We all know dad doubles as a coach in life. Check out some of these awesome Father's Day designs:
dad seed sack
father's day seed sack
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