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Baseball Gifts & Ideas for Coach and Player (Boys and Girls)!

Looking for Personalized Sports Gifts for a Special Occasion?

Stuff Some Stockings with the Seed Sack

customizable baseball seed sack

When the 2018 holiday season comes around, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a great gift idea.

Finding that unique buy is something that can require a long search that leads to many a dead end.

If you have a baseball or softball player in your life, the Seed Sack makes a tremendous gift idea!

There is a long history of ballplayers that love to eat sunflower seeds in the dugout, a tradition that provides a better alternative to an unhealthy tobacco habit.

Even the Little Leaguers can get in on the seed chomping, which is a fun way to encourage them to stay healthy.

Ideal for

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Easter Basket
  • Graduation
  • League Champion Prize
  • Coach!
  • Father's Day
  • Anyone that loves baseball or the outdoors!

Here are the top three reasons why the Seed Sack makes a great gift for the baseball player or fan in your life:

little league baseball players

1) It's Game Ready!

Baseball's Original Seed Sack is designed to be used in the dugout and during play.

Normally, a player would have to carry around a standard pack of sunflower seeds that is not designed for transport, sliding, or aggressive action.

With this great product, players can now take their seeds with them onto the field of play, swigging a handful here and there in between pitches in no time at all. In the dugout, they can whip out the pouch, dump a few seeds into their mouth quickly and easily.

The pouch is designed to snap shut so there is no need to worry about spilling in your pocket.

Baseball players that love to eat seeds will get a kick out of this fun and interesting way to chomp down at the game.

It's a unique and creative gift idea that will make a lasting impression and will be useful for years to come.

Even the average fan that loves to watch every game during the season can use the Seed Sack as a fun way to eat seeds while watching their favorite team. It's up there as one of the best baseball gifts for men!


2) Customizable Names and Logos

If you are going to purchase the Seed Sack as a gift, why not have the person's name printed as an added bonus!

You can get one for everyone in the family, or maybe those two baseball-obsessed brothers that always fight over the same gear. It's also a great idea for the coach!

Have his or her name printed directly on the back side, or simply add the word "Coach" as a nice touch.

This way if you order more than one, each person has their own unique Seed Sack that is unmistakable. It's a great way to create personalized sports gifts that stand apart from the rest.

If you are the coach of a baseball or softball team, why not grab a set for the entire team! You can have customized colors, team logos, and names printed for each player.What a great way to reward your team for all the practice and hard work during the year.

Tournament organizers can reward the top teams with a small gift or memorabilia with a logo and date.

Create lasting memories and hand out something that won't just sit on the shelf collecting dust for years.

It's a portable memory and a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine if each team member received a customized Seed Sack for winning the championship - what a cool way to remember it all!

The great memories will always be at your side as you try to win again and again each year.

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personalized gift idea


3) Great for Kids

The Seed Sack is designed for just about anyone - but it is especially great for kids. Given that sunflower seeds are a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco, it's a great way to get them started early.

It can also be used for those classic backyard games when all of the kids in the neighborhood get together to have a blast playing the game they love. Boys and girls love them!

The pouch is also super easy to refill, so you can give your kids a few seed refills to go along with their Seed Sack.

It also makes a great stocking stuffer. Get a custom printed pouch for your children and drop it in their stocking for the holiday season.

Pack it with refills and different flavors as a neat way to introduce sunflower seeds to your child this year.

Whether you are looking for coach gifts or baseball gifts that will make a lasting impression, the Seed Sack is sure to bring a smile to the fanatical fan in your life.

Drop in from time to time to check out new designs, package deals, or other great ways to bring friends and family the ultimate player's system for sunflower seeds!

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