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Baseball's Original Seed Sack is Proud to Partner with the Babe Ruth League

Baseball's Original Seed Sack is Proud to Partner with the Babe Ruth League

Babe Ruth League, Inc.

A Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization for 4 to 18 Year Old Players
International Headquarters:  1670 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road,Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone:  609-695-1434  Fax: 609-695-2505


To:         Babe Ruth League Membership

From:    Steven M. Tellefsen, President/CEO

Date:    February  2018

Re:      Babe Ruth League Welcomes New Teammate Baseball’s Original Seed Sack, #TobaccoFreeBaseball

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to announce its new relationship with Seed Sack.  

There’s no denying that sunflower seed eating in baseball and softball has become a solid tradition.  Whether you’re cheering on your kid at a Babe Ruth League game or watching the professionals play, chances are you will see players consuming sunflower seeds from time to time.  Baseball’s Original Seed Sack was born from a very simple necessity – managing the sunflower seed habit.  The issue of seeds in our pockets, in the bottom of our athletic bags, in the washing machine, on the floor of the car, needed to be addressed.  And Baseball’s Original Seed Sack was the solution.

Seed Sack is a unique, single hand operated, seed pouch designed specifically to fit in your back pocket.  It is constructed of high quality, raw, 10 oz duck canvas (also available in baseball leather) with a high-quality bronze squeeze frame.  Construction is topped off with hand sewn authentic baseball or softball stitching.  The easy to use squeeze mechanism allows for single hand operation so ballplayers don’t have to put down their mitt.  They simply reach into their back pocket, grab the Seed Sack, dispense the seeds into their mouth, and return the Seed Sack to their pocket.

If you are looking for a special gift or unique fundraiser for your team, request Baseball’s Original Seed Sack.  Sunflower seeds are a healthy alternative for ballplayers, and Seed Sack offers great customization options.  Choose from shapes, colors – add names, numbers – design the perfect gift or fundraiser.

Babe Ruth League and Seed Sack share a common vision – Tobacco Free Sports.  While many worthy endeavors have been made to limit and ban the use of tobacco products, it is important that we continue to educate our youth on the dangers of tobacco.  Babe Ruth League has banned the use of tobacco products on all fields and dugouts for both local league and tournament competition.  Seed Sack has worked hard and continues to fight the culture of tobacco use in sports by creating cool alternatives to dangerous tobacco habits.  In the future, they will be sharing components of their campaign with the Babe Ruth League membership.

For further information and/or to design and purchase your customized Seed Sacks, please visit   



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