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Top 5 Characters on Every Baseball Team

Top 5 Characters on Every Baseball Team

Every team is the sum of its parts. Many people think that chemistry is more important than raw talent.

We've all been part of a baseball or softball team at some point in our lives, even if it's just a casual back yard pickup game. During the summer months, businesses trot our their company teams to have some competitive fun while grilling hot dogs and drinking some beer.

Over the years, we've come to recognize that there are about 5 character archetypes on every squad. From little league to the pros, at some point every team has been made up of the following characters!


1) The Loud Mouth

There's always that one guy that simply doesn't know how to shut up, for good or for bad. He'll stand at the top of the dugout and harass the umpire. He'll boisterously cheer for his teammates when things are going well.

When he strikes out, the ump will get a whiff of his seed-breath as he goes toe to toe in a shouting match about the strike zone.

Out in the field, The Loud Mouth is constantly sending vibes toward the pitcher and always takes the time to remind everyone how many outs there are.

Opposing pitchers fear the base-running Loud Mouth, as he relentlessly trolls the mound or shouts encouragement to his buddy at bat. When it comes to team spirit this guy does it all.


2) The Beast

The cleanup. The 4 hitter.

Every team knows they need a beast.

Here's a guy that strikes fear into the opposing team as they shout "baaaaaaack it uuuuup" when he walks to the plate.

With seemingly only one type of swing, The Beast knows how to absolutely demolish a pitch by putting every ounce of power into it.

Unfortunately, The Beast is used to seeing the letter K because he doesn't know how to lay off a pitch out of the zone. He'll put so much energy into one monster swing only to see the pitch bounce in the dirt before it even reaches the plate.

Everyone eagerly anticipates a plate appearance by The Beast, but they far too often feel the cool wind from his whirlwind hack at a garbage pitch.

3) The "Always On" Guy

Every team seems to have that one guy that is simply clutch.

Whether he's at the plate or shagging flies deep in the gap, The "Always On" Guy is the team leader and MVP.

The best example is of course the legendary Benny "The Jet' Rodriguez from The Sandlot.

You can always rely on him to get a base knock to drive in that go-ahead run at the top of ninth. He can lay down a bunt or turn a double play like clockwork. Coaches love this player because he can simply do it all. Need to swipe a bag? "Always On" Guy. Need to drive a line drive single to advance the runners? "Always On" Guy. Recurring all-star and sometimes coach of the team.


4) The 9

On almost every team, there is someone that is the opposite of the "Always On" Guy. This person is known as The 9, because he of course bats last.

The 9 is generally the least athletic member of the team, but tends to contribute in some other way such as playing first base coach or keeping score. The 9 is also the voice of reason when things get heated and egos start to clash in the dugout.

When the game is on the line, the last person you want to see walking out of the dugout is The 9. It often takes an absolute miracle for him to make contact and more often than not he's seeing Ks.

This player also tends to be a nerd and contributes to game time strategy on the fly. He also gets stuck manning the grill since he's never even sniffed second base. Every team has The 9, but he serves his purpose.


5) The Arm

The arm is the best pitcher on the team. You wish you could play The Arm every single game.

Just like The Beast approaching the plate, The Arm approaching the mound brings about a sense of power and energy to the rest of the team. You know he is going to go out there and throw fireballs that the other team just can't keep up with.

Complemented well by The Loud Mouth, The Arm tends to pitch even better when he's on a roll and the team is fired up.

Returning to the dugout and giving The Arm a pat on the back is commonplace.

In rare circumstances The Arm is also The 9, but we'll take it.

Got a great team of characters? Grab a customized Seed Sack for each one and drop their nickname right on the back!


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