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Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Christmas!

Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Christmas!

Snow melting fastball comin' at ya!

Wondering what kind of gift to get the baseball player in the family? We've got you covered!

Baseball's Original Seed Sack is quite possibly the most perfect stocking stuffer ever conceived!

Our holiday selection guide will help guide you through the gift giving process. There are a few ways to "grab your sack," so we want to make sure that we steer you in the right path.

Classic Seed Sack

There's nothing like a classic. This is the tried and true version and one of our most popular products. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for the ballplayer in your family, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this version. It comes fully loaded with 6 oz of seeds to get your started. Highly recommended addition - refill packs that will reload your sack when you need it most.

Customized Seed Sack

Now here's a great idea for the whole family. With the customized Seed Sack, you can add your favorite team colors. Best of all, you can add a name and number! Grab one for each member of the family, each member of the baseball team, or everyone you love! This version is great because it makes a fantastic personalized gift for Christmas that the recipient will remember for a lifetime. Add nicknames or real names, the choice is up to you!

Wheelhouse Collection

This is a great option for the hardcore player. When baseball is life, you can't go wrong with a Seed Sack that says "Baseball is Life." The Wheelhouse collection offers a variety of options for a variety of personalities. Need a gift idea for coach? Why not grab the "Coach" Seed Sack! Got a lefty on the team? Go with "Lefty Lifestyle."

USA Flag

Represent your country or heritage with a great Flag Seed Sack! From the USA, to Canada, to Puerto Rico, you can add some national flair to your sack and show it off with pride as you take the field. Great for a trip to the Little League World Series!

Flavored Seeds

Need to stuff that stocking to the brim? Why not load up on sunflower seed refills from Bigs Seeds. We offer a variety of tasty flavors such as Old Bay and Bar-B-Q. Switch it up from inning to inning or game to game and enjoy all of your favorite flavors.

Gift Card

Got someone in the family who you can never seem to please? Hand them a gift card and call it a day. "Customize it yourself!" you assert, as you smile and hand them the most satisfying opportunity they have gotten all year.

If you've been good this year, maybe Santa will drop in on your team this season!

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