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Baseball Gifts & Ideas for Coach and Player (Boys and Girls)!

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Looking for Personalized Sports Gifts for a Special Occasion?

Stuff Some Stockings with the Seed Sack

customizable baseball seed sack

When the 2018 holiday season comes around, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a great gift idea.

Finding that unique buy is something that can require a long search that leads to many a dead end.

If you have a baseball or softball player in your life, the Seed Sack makes a tremendous gift idea!

There is a long history of ballplayers that love to eat sunflower seeds in the dugout, a tradition that provides a better alternative to an unhealthy tobacco habit.

Even the Little Leaguers can get in on the seed chomping, which is a fun way to encourage them to stay healthy.

Ideal for

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Easter Basket
  • Graduation
  • League Champion Prize
  • Coach!
  • Father's Day
  • Anyone that loves baseball or the outdoors!

Here are the top three reasons why the Seed Sack makes a great gift for the baseball player or fan in your life:

little league baseball players

1) It's Game Ready!

Baseball's Original Seed Sack is designed to be used in the dugout and during play.

Normally, a player would have to carry around a standard pack of sunflower seeds that is not designed for transport, sliding, or aggressive action.

With this great product, players can now take their seeds with them onto the field of play, swigging a handful here and there in between pitches in no time at all. In the dugout, they can whip out the pouch, dump a few seeds into their mouth quickly and easily.

The pouch is designed to snap shut so there is no need to worry about spilling in your pocket.

Baseball players that love to eat seeds will get a kick out of this fun and interesting way to chomp down at the game.

It's a unique and creative gift idea that will make a lasting impression and will be useful for years to come.

Even the average fan that loves to watch every game during the season can use the Seed Sack as a fun way to eat seeds while watching their favorite team. It's up there as one of the best baseball gifts for men!


2) Customizable Names and Logos

If you are going to purchase the Seed Sack as a gift, why not have the person's name printed as an added bonus!

You can get one for everyone in the family, or maybe those two baseball-obsessed brothers that always fight over the same gear. It's also a great idea for the coach!

Have his or her name printed directly on the back side, or simply add the word "Coach" as a nice touch.

This way if you order more than one, each person has their own unique Seed Sack that is unmistakable. It's a great way to create personalized sports gifts that stand apart from the rest.

If you are the coach of a baseball or softball team, why not grab a set for the entire team! You can have customized colors, team logos, and names printed for each player. What a great way to reward your team for all the practice and hard work during the year.

Tournament organizers can reward the top teams with a small gift or memorabilia with a logo and date.

Create lasting memories and hand out something that won't just sit on the shelf collecting dust for years.

It's a portable memory and a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine if each team member received a customized Seed Sack for winning the championship - what a cool way to remember it all!

The great memories will always be at your side as you try to win again and again each year.

Visit the Customized Seed Sack Order Page

Visit the Team and Tournament Page


personalized gift idea


3) Great for Kids

The Seed Sack is designed for just about anyone - but it is especially great for kids. Given that sunflower seeds are a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco, it's a great way to get them started early.

It can also be used for those classic backyard games when all of the kids in the neighborhood get together to have a blast playing the game they love. Boys and girls love them!

The pouch is also super easy to refill, so you can give your kids a few seed refills to go along with their Seed Sack.

It also makes a great stocking stuffer. Get a custom printed pouch for your children and drop it in their stocking for the holiday season.

Pack it with refills and different flavors as a neat way to introduce sunflower seeds to your child this year.

Whether you are looking for coach gifts or baseball gifts that will make a lasting impression, the Seed Sack is sure to bring a smile to the fanatical fan in your life.

Drop in from time to time to check out new designs, package deals, or other great ways to bring friends and family the ultimate player's system for sunflower seeds!

Order Yours Today!

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Baseball's Original Seed Sack is Proud to Partner with the Babe Ruth League

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Babe Ruth League, Inc.

A Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization for 4 to 18 Year Old Players
Website:  www.baberuthleague.org
International Headquarters:  1670 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone:  609-695-1434  Fax: 609-695-2505


To:         Babe Ruth League Membership

From:    Steven M. Tellefsen, President/CEO

Date:    February  2018

Re:      Babe Ruth League Welcomes New Teammate Baseball’s Original Seed Sack, #TobaccoFreeBaseball

Babe Ruth League, Inc. is proud to announce its new relationship with Seed Sack.  

There’s no denying that sunflower seed eating in baseball and softball has become a solid tradition.  Whether you’re cheering on your kid at a Babe Ruth League game or watching the professionals play, chances are you will see players consuming sunflower seeds from time to time.  Baseball’s Original Seed Sack was born from a very simple necessity – managing the sunflower seed habit.  The issue of seeds in our pockets, in the bottom of our athletic bags, in the washing machine, on the floor of the car, needed to be addressed.  And Baseball’s Original Seed Sack was the solution.

Seed Sack is a unique, single hand operated, seed pouch designed specifically to fit in your back pocket.  It is constructed of high quality, raw, 10 oz duck canvas (also available in baseball leather) with a high-quality bronze squeeze frame.  Construction is topped off with hand sewn authentic baseball or softball stitching.  The easy to use squeeze mechanism allows for single hand operation so ballplayers don’t have to put down their mitt.  They simply reach into their back pocket, grab the Seed Sack, dispense the seeds into their mouth, and return the Seed Sack to their pocket.

If you are looking for a special gift or unique fundraiser for your team, request Baseball’s Original Seed Sack.  Sunflower seeds are a healthy alternative for ballplayers, and Seed Sack offers great customization options.  Choose from shapes, colors – add names, numbers – design the perfect gift or fundraiser.

Babe Ruth League and Seed Sack share a common vision – Tobacco Free Sports.  While many worthy endeavors have been made to limit and ban the use of tobacco products, it is important that we continue to educate our youth on the dangers of tobacco.  Babe Ruth League has banned the use of tobacco products on all fields and dugouts for both local league and tournament competition.  Seed Sack has worked hard and continues to fight the culture of tobacco use in sports by creating cool alternatives to dangerous tobacco habits.  In the future, they will be sharing components of their campaign with the Babe Ruth League membership.

For further information and/or to design and purchase your customized Seed Sacks, please visit www.seed-sack.com.   



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Top 5 Characters on Every Baseball Team

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Every team is the sum of its parts. Many people think that chemistry is more important than raw talent.

We've all been part of a baseball or softball team at some point in our lives, even if it's just a casual back yard pickup game. During the summer months, businesses trot our their company teams to have some competitive fun while grilling hot dogs and drinking some beer.

Over the years, we've come to recognize that there are about 5 character archetypes on every squad. From little league to the pros, at some point every team has been made up of the following characters!


1) The Loud Mouth

There's always that one guy that simply doesn't know how to shut up, for good or for bad. He'll stand at the top of the dugout and harass the umpire. He'll boisterously cheer for his teammates when things are going well.

When he strikes out, the ump will get a whiff of his seed-breath as he goes toe to toe in a shouting match about the strike zone.

Out in the field, The Loud Mouth is constantly sending vibes toward the pitcher and always takes the time to remind everyone how many outs there are.

Opposing pitchers fear the base-running Loud Mouth, as he relentlessly trolls the mound or shouts encouragement to his buddy at bat. When it comes to team spirit this guy does it all.


2) The Beast

The cleanup. The 4 hitter.

Every team knows they need a beast.

Here's a guy that strikes fear into the opposing team as they shout "baaaaaaack it uuuuup" when he walks to the plate.

With seemingly only one type of swing, The Beast knows how to absolutely demolish a pitch by putting every ounce of power into it.

Unfortunately, The Beast is used to seeing the letter K because he doesn't know how to lay off a pitch out of the zone. He'll put so much energy into one monster swing only to see the pitch bounce in the dirt before it even reaches the plate.

Everyone eagerly anticipates a plate appearance by The Beast, but they far too often feel the cool wind from his whirlwind hack at a garbage pitch.

3) The "Always On" Guy

Every team seems to have that one guy that is simply clutch.

Whether he's at the plate or shagging flies deep in the gap, The "Always On" Guy is the team leader and MVP.

The best example is of course the legendary Benny "The Jet' Rodriguez from The Sandlot.

You can always rely on him to get a base knock to drive in that go-ahead run at the top of ninth. He can lay down a bunt or turn a double play like clockwork. Coaches love this player because he can simply do it all. Need to swipe a bag? "Always On" Guy. Need to drive a line drive single to advance the runners? "Always On" Guy. Recurring all-star and sometimes coach of the team.


4) The 9

On almost every team, there is someone that is the opposite of the "Always On" Guy. This person is known as The 9, because he of course bats last.

The 9 is generally the least athletic member of the team, but tends to contribute in some other way such as playing first base coach or keeping score. The 9 is also the voice of reason when things get heated and egos start to clash in the dugout.

When the game is on the line, the last person you want to see walking out of the dugout is The 9. It often takes an absolute miracle for him to make contact and more often than not he's seeing Ks.

This player also tends to be a nerd and contributes to game time strategy on the fly. He also gets stuck manning the grill since he's never even sniffed second base. Every team has The 9, but he serves his purpose.


5) The Arm

The arm is the best pitcher on the team. You wish you could play The Arm every single game.

Just like The Beast approaching the plate, The Arm approaching the mound brings about a sense of power and energy to the rest of the team. You know he is going to go out there and throw fireballs that the other team just can't keep up with.

Complemented well by The Loud Mouth, The Arm tends to pitch even better when he's on a roll and the team is fired up.

Returning to the dugout and giving The Arm a pat on the back is commonplace.

In rare circumstances The Arm is also The 9, but we'll take it.

Got a great team of characters? Grab a customized Seed Sack for each one and drop their nickname right on the back!


Learn about our team of characters here.

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Epic Baseball Sunflower Seeds Video Post

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Spring training is right around the corner!

Check out this awesome compilation of baseball players eating sunflower seeds and goofing off!











As you can see, sunflower seeds are just a part of the game! Sure, a few dugouts were wrecked in the making of these videos, but we'd rather that than a bad tobacco habit right?

Many of these players don't even realize that the Seed Sack would allow them to bring their seeds right onto the field of play! Head on over to the product store to grab yours or customize one for you and the whole team.

Contact us if you are interested in a large bulk order for Little League Tournaments or any other reason to spit seeds!

customized Seed Sack for the whole team

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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Seed Sack if You're a Ballplayer

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1) Sunflower seeds are healthier than chewing tobacco

Baseball players are known to be fond of two habits in particular when strategizing in the dugout between innings - huge wads of dip, and an endless amount of sunflower seeds. One of these two is far healthier than the other - can you guess which one?

Little Leaguers, in particular, have plenty of reasons to emulate the pros, but when it comes to chew, it's far from a good idea. The Seed Sack is the perfect utility carrier to store sunflower seeds while you wait for your next at-bat. Dive head first into the dirt, and the Seed Sack will hold up. Can the traditional seed package even compare?


2) Quick and Easy

The beauty of the Seed Sack is that you can pull it out of your pocket, toss back some seeds, and then return it to your pocket while the pitcher is preparing for his next throw. With the standard seed bag, you'll be messing around trying to pull the package in and out of your pocket, losing half the seeds in the grass before you manage to get some in your mouth. If you have a glove on one hand, the other should have a Seed Sack when you down your seeds.


3) Lightning fast refills

If you keep a large quantity of seeds in the dugout, all you have to do is grab your sack and refill it on the spot. No need to find another bag or mess around with packaging between innings or at practice. Whenever you need to transition from the dugout to the outfield, all you need to do is make a quick pit stop.


4) Easily brandable

Bring the whole team together with the creative customization and logo options. You can customize it with each player's name, jersey number, or anything else that you think captures the spirit of the team. If you are the league commissioner, reward this year's winner with their own Seed Sack that has the league logo and perhaps the kingly title of "Champions!"


5) Seeds bring the team together

This video explains it all...


6) Perfect for the "all-out" player

There's always that one player on the team who slides head first no matter what, or hits the dirt shagging fly balls in the outfield on nearly every play. If this is you, you'll find that the Seed Sack's open and close mechanism will prevent your stash from spilling out in your pocket and all over the field. Feel free to get those pants dirty, because that's what baseball is all about.


7) Ideal for any outdoor sport or hobby

Many people who enjoy the outdoors have more than one hobby! This clever little device is so easily portable that you can take it with you on fishing and biking trips, a hike through the woods, or to the sidelines of any game you attend. It's the best solution for the active sunflower seed enthusiast!


8) Umpire friendly

The guy in blue often takes a lot of heat. He's battle hardened and doesn't take BS from anybody. He doesn't have time to put up with a sub-par product. He reaches in one pocket to click the strike counter, and the other to quickly access his seed stash. End of story.


9) Coaches love them

Except for the occasional face-to-face showdown with the Ump, the coach is often resigned to the dugout. Do you think he wants to deal with a new package of sunflower seeds every five minutes? The answer is no, and the Seed Sack provides that essential efficiency that every coach likes, 1-2-3. Not to mention it makes a great gift idea!


10) Made in the good old USA

Just like baseball, the Seed Sack is made in the USA! This product is designed with the spirit of baseball in mind - passion, toughness, and of course, fun! If you are looking for the next great dugout gadget, look no further than Baseball's Original Seed Sack.


Grab one for the whole team. Order today.

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